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Hanryu Holdings, a leading global K-Wave culture company, is emerging as a business that never stops to challenge to show new values and provide joy to K-Wave fans around the world in love with K-Wave. Today, K-Wave is at the center of worldwide popular culture, spanning America, Europe, and Africa, beyond Asia. The K-Wave craze is not limited to K-Pop but has expanded to a variety of fields such as beauty, drama, and movies, establishing itself as a mainstream culture of the world.

We launched the global K-Wave platform “FANTOO” via continuous technological innovation and business advancement to create a playground for fans worldwide with fandoms in diverse fields. By maximizing the integration and synergy among R&D of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain as well as various businesses, we have been growing and enhancing the corporate value.

We will faithfully take on the mission of promoting the true K-Wave and its value to the world through a variety of businesses and the “FANTOO” services of Hanryu Holdings and will never cease our challenges and efforts until all fans worldwide are connected via K-Wave.

With you who love K-Wave, we will become Hanryu Holdings that writes a new history and creates a world of fans.

Thank you.

Hanryu Holdings CEO Kang Chang hyuk
Hanryu Holdings CEO
Kang Chang hyuk