Hanryu Holdings continues to practice a high standard of ethical management that is required by the changing environment of the times.


Hanryu Holdings will fulfill its economic, environmental, and social responsibilities by developing fair, reliable content and services and dedicate its utmost efforts to communicate with users to ensure the sustainable growth of the company.

Fundamental Ethics of Executives
and Employees of Hanryu Holdings

Respect for Customers

Hanryu Holdings (the “Company”) provides differentiated quality and services and strives to earn absolute trust so that the values satisfactory to customers can be offered.

Responsibilities to Shareholders

The Company generates shareholder values through rational and transparent management to earn the trust of shareholders and investors. The Company respects the rights of shareholders and investors and timely provides information necessary to realize sound profits.

Respect for Executives and Employees

Each of the executives and employees is the Company’s most cherished asset, and the Company mutually respects the personal dignity of its executives and employees, thereby establishing a rational and sound corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Win-Win with Business Partners

Business partners of the Company are the source of its competitive edge, and the Company does not engage in unfair trade practices of abusing its superior position. The Company builds an ecosystem for mutual growth through various support activities for the sustainability of its business partners.

Social Responsibility

The Company shall grow in harmony with society as a key member of society, fulfill its obligations responsibilities requested by society, and strive for collective prosperity and development via social contribution activities.