2022. SEP

September 19th, sale and transfer of the blockchain division coin sector(department)
(FP [Fantoo Point] system will be implied in the future)

2022. JUN

June 22th, sale contract of the blockchain division coin sector(department)

2021. NOV

Establishment of HANRYU HOLDINGS (U.S) Corporation.

2021. OCT

• Investment on 'K-COMMERCE CO., LTD' and Change in the Largest Shareholder
• Company Value of 540 billion won evaluated by KPMG United States

2021. AUG

• Launch of 'FANTOO BANK' and Listing of KDC (Kingdom Coin) on LBANK
• Establishment of 'HANRYU ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.’

2021. MAY

AMergers and Acquisitions on AI Enterprise 'RnDeep CO., LTD.' Launch of 'FANTOO'

2021. MAR

Establishment of 'HANRYUTIMES CO., LTD.'

2020. OCT

Establishment of FNS CO., LTD.

2020. JUN

Verification as a Startup Enterprise

2019. DEC

“FNS PREVIEW 2019” In Seoul DDP

2018. OCT

Establishm ent of HANRYU BANK CO., LTD.